MDD has a strong and efficient job execution process to getting the job done correct, on budget and as per the code. Design and plan up front, to save time in the future. Our step by step procedures are derived from decades of experience, there is no challenge that we can’t handle.

Initial Design Development
– Bylaw Review

A Project Engineer (PE) will be assigned specifically to your project and will be the design coordinator expediting the information to the design team. The PE will work with you and any construction contractor/salesman and develop the detailed design drawings. Working with our Engineering/Architectural Group to asses and confirm that the building is to code/spec and the local bylaws before moving forward

Design / Construction Drawings

After Reviewing the client and contractor mark ups, the design team will then incorporate the client revisions and develop the final set of drawings to then pass on to our Registered Professionals for stamp and sealing. The final scope of work is defined, then responsibility is undertaken by the Engineer of Record. Schedules AB are also stamped will then be sent to the authority having jurisdiction for building permit approval/issuance. We work with the Construction team to provide job specific materials that the customer wants, the contractor can provide and what is required by building Code

Field Review & Construction Approval

During construction, certain elements of the job need to be supervised and inspected. These can range from: truss erection, welding, to foundations and rebar inspections. Final approval of the constructed building must then be signed off and stamped in the form of Schedules C as per the building code.

3D Model – Online review

All of MDD’s designs are done in 3D, from the beginning of your project to the final occupancy, a 3D model will be sent over for review and updated as the project evolves. Clients, General Contractors, Engineers, and Architects will all be invited to join your online model which can be reviewed, walk through and commented on by everyone. Preliminary drawings will be sent to the Client and Contractor to review and comment on as well.

Construction Management

Experience and speed are the key factors when dealing with the certain unexpected issues that happen in the field. MDD has the knowledge and background to make sure that no matter what comes up we will know the safest and most economical solution. Efficient turnovers during this period is what saves the most expensive product.. TIME.

MDD undertakes all responsibility of reviewing the construction of each project. Working and scheduling with general contractors to make sure all the proper inspections are met and built according to code. Efficiency and planning leads to time saved, Field review reports or Schedule C are a necessity to each design, MDD is there to work with and assist the construction contractor to make sure everything is built as per the design drawings and to the latest addition of the building code.

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