Moving from the development permit phase to the building permit / construction phase, MDD prides themselves on stepping outside the box of conventional construction methods and pushes the envelope. Our customer’s needs and budget are always are main concern.

Obtaining a building permit shouldn’t be the end of the world or a deal breaker on a project. MDD designs all projects as per the latest edition of the local Provincial Codes, Specs and Amendments ensuring there will be no delays with the design. Our team includes professional Engineers and Architects all across Canada assisting clients, working with fire marshals, building inspectors in city’s and small towns.

National Energy Code Compliance NECB

Alberta has adopted by regulation the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011 edition and energy efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings under section 9.36 of the 2014 Alberta Building Code edition coming into force November 1, 2016. Many other provinces in Canada has also already adopted this code and must be incorporated into all buildings.

MDD designs every building from start to finish in compliance with the National Energy Code. Whether the design requires, prescriptive, trade-off or performance modeling its nothing we cant handle.

all aspects from Building Envelope, Lighting, HVAC, Service Water Systems, Electrical Power Systems and Building Energy Performance Compliance Path.

We specifically work with clients, builders and contractors and their preferred materials and specifications to ensure the building is code compliant. With budget in mind and code compliance as our guide we are truly a full service design firm.

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